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Nikhil Posé Flowers&Rainbows Album Cover.png

Nikhil Posé's Debut Album


 Releasing December 18, 2020

This album, as a project, is something I’ve been working on for roughly 2 years now. With a few songs having started way back in 2016. In December 2019, I took a 10 day leave to clear my mind and plan the entire production process of this album. Starting January to March 2020, I had planned 12 songs in 3 months. In those 3 months of producing the record, I learnt so much more about the process of making a song. I gradually found my rhythm within two weeks of working on the first two songs after which the process of revamping melodies and completing lyrics kicked off.

I managed to successfully finish 11 songs until the lockdown hit in the last week of March after which the recording process slowed down a bit. I had no track of how 2020 was pacing ahead but at the same time I had a release date at the back of my mind so I had to come through. Fortunately, the unprecedented solitude helped in bringing out my creativity when it came to mixing the album and I hope I did justice to that.


This 12 track Album sings out my journey through the last 2 years. All my thoughts & emotions through the highs and lows that I went through.

All songs Written, Produced & Performed by Nikhil Posé

Mixed & Mastered by Nikhil Posé

Album Cover Photo by Gaurav Kamat (included in press kit below)

About Nikhil

Nikhil Posé, 24, Songwriter & Music Producer based out of Mumbai has been working around styles like Pop, Rock, RnB & Soul. His music is a way of storytelling and his songs have intensely personal yet relatable lyrics with heart-warming melodies. His 2019 releases like ‘Numb’, ‘Four Ages’ & 'Don't Hate Me' have successfully established a new trend for his unique style of music.

mobile: +91 9769776499

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