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Nikhil Posé is a Singer - Songwriter & Music Producer based out of Mumbai. Making Pop/Rock music since 2017, his music is a way of storytelling with intensely personal & relatable lyrics and heartfelt melodies. His 2019 releases like ‘Numb’, ‘Four Ages’ & ‘Don’t Hate Me’ successfully established a new trend for his unique style of music.


His Debut album, ‘Flowers & Rainbows’ released in December 2020 which left the listeners in awe of the artist with critics calling it “a soothing emotional odyssey”. ‘Give Me Love’, a story of a soulful yearning for love, had been featured in Radio City India and the artist finds it as one of his most well-written songs.


His first Hindi release, ‘Lifafe’ is a poetic, heart touching song with smooth tunes, expanding the horizons of the artist to create emotionally-rich music. 


Nikhil has been listed in the ‘Top 10 singer-songwriters to keep an eye out for’ by the Rolling Stone Magazine.

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July 7, 2023

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Debut Album

Debut Album

Debut Album

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"Nikhil Posé is proving to be quite the purveyor of quality pop, though we're not sure if it's entirely apt to call it that. He certainly has a knack for producing ambient, downtempo (and occasionally melancholic) electronic pop, and 'Numb' fits the bill perfectly."

Wild City India

"Nikhil's talents as a songwriter pay off in spades. His ability to craft emotionally resonant soundscapes with a handful of instruments is a testament to his unique talents as a storyteller and musician. Nikhil has delivered a truly exceptional and unique debut album which is bound to stay with you for a long time"

A Humming Heart

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